poem: a paean for senescence

poem: a paean for senescence

our growing older
is not a linearity starting here, ending there,
not a timeline from beginning to end,
not a simple chronological
counting of the years

to be sure there
are circles, loops, and spirals,
bardos, gaps, and liminal spaces,
and ones functional/dysfunctional
life experiences

and of course
in our aging
one is vulnerable
to life’s foibles and frailties
which we must suffer

thus in our senescence
we prepare,
countering bitterness with beauty,
hopelessness with creative imagination,
infirmity with wholeness

embodying a faith that sustains us
for those unseen things yet to come
in our Cosmic journey home
in the truth of the Universal Oneing
of consciousness human and divine

being gentle with those things
unsettled in our heart and soul
knowing our cries, laments, and joys
are heard, and there is place of radical grace
and love that perennially longs for us

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
November 11, 2021

‘Spiral of Life’ art image by Susan Bruck

poem: your love across the universe

poem: your love across
the universe

a world full
of thrones and rocks
will reek its pain

and we imperfect beings
are perfectly susceptible
to its suffering

extant suffering
which must not be
ignored, denied, or fetishized

but to which we must
respond with the ability
to listen and learn its hard lessons

lessons of paradoxical tensions
capable of leading us to
healing, transformation, and growth

that the beauty of life
always returns to us
in its creative expression

recalling a poems words,
the autumns golden light,
your love across the universe

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
November 7, 2021

photos by author

Authors note: Autumn’s golden
light from my front door, poems
from my recently published book
of poetry, and my love of the
universe, my wife, Cathey.

poem: 9/11: this day of national mourning and rebirth 

poem: 9/11: this day of national mourning and rebirth

silently witnessing this day of national mourning,

through tears remembering the tragic images burned into our minds,

grieving for all who perished, were wounded, and traumatized,

humbly opening to the way of love, healing, peaceableness, and community,

let us be bearers of comfort, healing, and reconciliation,

and harbingers of the eternal way of radical love and radical grace in the neighborly community truth and authentic belonging,

God of the Universe, by whatever name,  hear our cries and laments for hope, creative imagination, and a better world for all beings

Yes! Amen.

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
September 11, 2021

art by Abel Pann (1883-1963)
‘and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares’