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Pleased to announce my book is now on sale for a limited time featuring a new cover designed by me as seen below

My new book, The Poetry of Resistance and Transformative Healing,  is now available on Amazon in the U.S. and other countries

Please click on this link to view the book and purchase it.

Here is a description of the book from the Amazon website:

Over the past few years, our nation, and much of the world, has experienced great challenges including tyranny and chaos at a level rarely encountered in our lifetimes and certainly within the seventy three years of the author. The world is too much with us. Fascism, gun violence, social injustice, pandemic, and insurrection challenge us personally our basic human rights and collectively our democratic principles many of which we have yet to fully realize. We are called to live free of political authoritarianism meaning being in direct, non-violent resistance and opposition to the Emperor and their Empires in whatever time and place, and by whatever name. The oppressors dominant and totalizing systems must be resisted and affronted. The authoritarian, dominant, totalizing system’s narrative is a lie. It must all be lamented, re-visioned, resisted, and transformed into a more imaginative, true, authentic, wholesome, life giving and just alternative counter-dominant cultural way of being together in our diversity on Earth Home. We must each learn to look at ourselves as True Selves in authentic communities of Earth home as Cosmic beings. This collection of poetry was written during this period of upheaval in our lives and expresses the author’s witness and experience with the journey of self and collective transformation facing us all.

Thank you and happy reading!

Rated 5 stars on Amazon by Readers