poem: the creek in winter

poem: the creek in winter

chilly winter day
the sun in a cloudless sky
warms stiff faces

mindfully walking the creek
flowing loudly and rapid
from the snow and rain

it’s cold waters finding
their way telling us
all we need to know

spying the chickadee
in the cattail
of the wet bog

walking the muddy trail,
crisscrossed in shadow,
covered in winter’s detritus

gratitude filling us
as we travel back home
the sun over our shoulder

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 11, 2022

photos by author

haiku: first snow 2022

haiku: first snow 2022

snow blankets the ground
layered upon the tree branch
floating white crystal

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 3, 2022

photos by author

Author’s note: A familiar glow
from outside woke me last night
where upon looking out, I was
greeted by several inches of snow
on the ground. For those of us making
our homes here in middle Tennessee,
we have experienced wildly
varying weather over the last week
from record heat in the 70’s, to tornado
warnings and storms, and now snow
with temperatures in the 20’s. The
snow and cold are beautiful!


poem: the intensity of now (where am I and how did I get here)

poem: the intensity of now
(where am I and how did I get here)

yesterday a shadowy memory
tomorrow unimaginable
there is only the intensity of now
stuck in the present moment

past experience unretrievable
and unavailable in creating one’s future
thus stuck in the eternal present
necessarily filled with questions

answers: you are at home
where we live husband and wife
together for fifty years
now elders to a younger generation

we humans carrying on our Earth journey
closer to its end than its beginning
Cosmic Love reigns Supreme: we remain
grateful, in awe of the mystery, hopeful

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
December 18, 2021

Author’s note: The poem reflects my experience caring for my beloved wife with
Alzheimers. As memories become murky and unreliable and the future
unimaginable, the present is filled with questions and takes on a new intensity of
being stuck in the present. What remains is love, gratitude, awe, and hope on the

photo by author
‘Gulfview Heights Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, 2017’

poem: beauty’s healing hope rising

poem: beauty’s healing hope rising

recalling the beauty of life
amid the roses and the thrones
always pulls me back
to the both/and wholeness
of here and now

thus remembering

that late Fall light in the Hudson Valley
a favorite literary quote
a snippet of poetry or music
loves most pure moments shared
the haelin of True Self
belonging and walking each other Home

take a deep breathe
loosen your grip
open your hands
opening and turning around
fully embracing and sharing
beauty’s healing hope rising

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
December 4, 2021

music by Ennio Morricone
and performed by Yo-Yo Ma
‘Giuseppe Tornatore Suite’

poem: Thanksgiving passes, Winter Solstice nears, Advent begins (via negativa)

The Season of Advent Begins
Pregnant with Anticipation

poem: Thanksgiving passes,
Winter Solstice nears,
Advent begins (via negativa)

and now the family Thanksgiving
bountiful feast has been eaten
and the days revelry abated
( the dominant culture’s lies
about its oppression of the Native
American’s laid bare)

entering the liminal space
of late Autumn’s cold, short days,
the Winter Solstice nears
(the dominant culture’s
Black Friday and pre-Christmas
buying frenzy muted)

preparing ourselves through
deep reflection and contemplation
in our stillness and quietude
(the dominant culture’s frenetic
holiday festivities and prideful hail fellow
well met transmuted)

coming into the Advent season of the
coming of the Universal Cosmic Christ
and its call to “the high price of full
consciousness” (the dominant culture’s
distortions of Santa Claus and the churches’
sentimental baby Jesus plays notwithstanding)

Christ consciousness incarnate
Jesus is Lord, Come Lord Jesus
(not the dominant culture’s current day
Caesar of power, control, and violence,
but Christ with us in the neighborly
community of the Kin-dom)

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
November 28, 2021

Image by Matthias Stromer

Author’s note: My poem is meant to
convey the story of Universal Cosmic Christ
consciousness breaking into the worldy
human empires of the many Caesar’s and
their power, control, violence, and oppression.
As a universal cosmic, spiritual story, it extends
beyond the institutional Christian church and is
available to everyone regardless of personal
religious beliefs. It becomes part of the human
story of spiritual growth towards True Self and
belonging in Authentic Community together.
The quote in stanza four is from Richard Rohr.)