poem: awakening, transforming, transcendent, immanent, oneing

poem: awakening, transforming,
transcendent, immanent, oneing

soul glimpsing a wholeness (holiness)
beyond the fragmented self,
experiencing the inner Self

in quietude from the chaos,
flowing into pure being
of no-self beyond all boundaries

thus knowing the way:

of the Cosmic Christ,
the kingdom of God,
the kin-dom of belonging,
Authentic Community,
Tao, Nirvana, Ananda

Tat Tvam Asi
That I Am
So Be It

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 17, 2021

art image ‘Release Your Inner Beauty’
by Julia Watkins

poem: prepare to be interrupted by God today

poem: prepare to be interrupted
by God today

take a break
from the 10,000,000 things
that distract us

see the Universal Cosmic Christ
by whatever name
in the stranger, other, oppressed

especially those
making us the most uncomfortable
in our privilege

allow the truth, beauty, and goodness
that surround us to act in
mercy, radical grace, and radical love

turn so that hearts are opened
minds transformed
and spirits lifted up

and so this shall be the new way
that God is always with us all
in the mutuality of giving and receiving

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 20, 2021

art image unattirbuted

poem: inspiring creativity

poem: inspiring creativity

the writing studio at pre-dawn
when the house is still and quiet
and the light is dim is inviting

settling in to write a spell
mindful of creative inspiration
surrounding me here

Buddha, Christ, Shiva
Ganesh, Hanuman closeby
their spiritual energy flowing

the library of great books
the collection of great music
the images of great art

within all beings
creative energies
are our root core

overcoming our fear
moving the energy within
lights the fire

ah, inspiration
you are the fuel
of creative energies flow

Herb Stone
April 11, 2021
here&now working poetry

photo by Herb Stone

poem: Spring’s greening

poem: Spring’s greening

Spring’s greening peaks now
outside my rainy window pane
verily verdant vistas appear

Spring’s greening energy:
sunlight, water, air
chemically photosynthesizing

Spring’s greening leaves,
sap running and sugar fueling
powering the trees of Green Earth Home

Spring’s greening of these
oldest living organisms
bonding us together on our Way

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 9, 2021

photo by Herb Stone

poem: among the cattails

poem: among the cattails

cattails standing like sentinels
in the boggy wetland marsh

this beautiful early Spring day
the sun warms the Earth

 its’ soft fluffy down
lofting skyward, seed dispersing

riding the cool breeze
swirling about our heads

like a Mesozoic dream
these ancient plants adapt and survive

the humble cattail
providing habitat and food

sustaining the Earth
we admire their gossamer display

 lingering  awhile
among the cattails

 Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 7, 2021
photos and videos by Herb Stone

poem: the solitude of being and the hope of each day

poem: the solitude of being
and the hope of each day

oh solitude I am learning thy name
beloved family and a few beloved friends are close
always room for the harmony of others

being in harmony with God’s grace, love, and hope
one does nothing and leaves nothing undone
living simply, each day (w)ho(l)ly new unto itself

solitude and harmony
not doing thus being
simply made new in the hope of each day

if I get to the little hidden green field
of wildflowers today,
it will be more than enough….

gratefully, letting your
heaven be the earth
below your feet

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April  5, 2021

photos by Herb Stone


Announcing my new book to be published soon

Dear friends of here&nowworkingpoetry.blog (which I recently changed to the author’s domain herbstonejr.com) I am pleased to announce I will be publishing my first book of poetry soon. I invite you to watch my video announcement below and to stay tuned for further updates as we approach publication. I can not thank you all enough for your support of my poetry, and I look forward to many more years of writing in hopes it is resonating with you as we continue our journeys of growing as True Selves and building communities of authenticity together.

Herb Stone

poem: at one with the old, gnarled cedar

poem: at one with the old, gnarled cedar

there is an old, giant
cedar tree outside
my kitchen window
to which I have become accustomed

it is gnarled
with long branches
billowing in the wind
lifting up and settling back down

my breathing
following the pattern
of the old tree in its’
inhaling and exhaling

pouring my coffee
I wonder
why have I not written
about this old friend before

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 3, 2021

photo by Herb Stone

poem: nature’s theatre 

poem: nature’s theatre

the lil’ wood outside
the kitchen window
at the table where we eat
is like a huge screen
where images of wildlife
flicker across our vision

the rabbit, fox, coyote,
squirrel, groundhog, skunk
hawk, turkey, crow, bluebird
we have spied in the canopy and
scurrying through the brush
grateful for the great nest of being

Herb Stone
April 1, 2021
here&now working poetry

photos by Herb Stone