poem: the soul perseveres the ego

poem: the soul perseveres the ego

when one’s soul
exits its cycle of nourishment
entering the cycle of famine
it must be endured

one’s self must simply
get out of the way
and receive the unmerited
grace of the Cosmos

succumbing to a poor attitude
is but a misperception of the Truth
from which we must reawaken
time and again

taking leave and taking care
to not further poison
this world of illusion through our
selfish thought, word, and deed

then returning from the wilderness;
its solitude, and silence,
having faced the shadows
the soul again Self nourishing all

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
July 23, 2021

art by Frida Kahlo
‘The Love Embrace of the Universe’

Reflection: Self Liberation  and Walking Each Other Home in Togetherness

Reflection: Self Liberation  and Walking Each Other Home in Togetherness

As the author Toko-pa Turner wrote in her seminal work Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home there has always been this “terror of otherness so malignant in this world” driving us to tribalism, racism (and other oppression of peoples), xenophobia, nationalism, and violence which keeps us divided, separated, and siloed. For many, it appears at this particular time in history, this toxic ‘malignant otherness’ is as extreme  as it has ever been in our lifetime.

Certainly within relationships there is a natural flow of being present and being absent. Grounded in the soul’s needs and development of Self, there is need for both periods of exile in the wilderness and feast of togetherness in community. Even outsiders operating at the margins of society long to belong authentically with others in community.  As humans, we share this need to live our most true Truth together and to have a Home community we can always return to where we may truly belong in authenticity.

And thus the arduous journey facing us all as individuals in the pathless wilderness exile begins here and now. Resisting the selfish, dominant cultural lies of othering being spread by those operating at the self level of human development, those so called authorities, i.e., politicians, clergy, teachers, CEOs, social media influencers, power brokers, etc., those of the social systems of domination, we go inward, conducting a scorching self inventory of the lies we tell ourselves and others, and die unto that self. Then resisting the lies of the external authorities and annihilating the lies of our inner self, having unlearned all we have  mistakenly been taught and believed, we are free to sift through the remains, for the Universal Truth beyond the self, allowing it to rise into the Light and to guide us for evermore.

Now Self liberated in Universal Truth, we join together each walking the other Home in Authentic Communities of True belonging eternally!

Herb Stone

image is the epilogue scene from  the movie ‘Cloud Atlas’

poem: the blessings of a daily walk

poem: the blessings of a daily walk

among the
wild carrot,
crimson clover,
curly dock,
fields of wild flowers,
with the
dragon flies,
creek fish,
while tail,
in the
Southern Hills’ woods,
paddling the creeks,
then sitting a spell
in the deep shade
of mature trees,
with the cool breeze
on our face
fills our hearts
with unending gratitude
and grace

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
July 5, 2021

photos by the author
‘Our Recent Ramblings’

poem:  a day at Bird Heaven Hill

poem: a day at Bird Heaven Hill

arising early at first light
waking slowly sipping coffee
then out to hear the dense bird song
and to see the overnight blooms
scanning the sky and vistas
back inside making Cathey’s
ginger green tea elixir
checking friend’s post and messages
writing it all down
before business of the day sets in
Cathey comes down to nap
on the couch near me
we are well here
on Bird Heaven Hill
where all is regarded with love

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 30, 2021

photos by Herb Stone
‘Just Outside my Door’


poem: the nature of the wild within

poem: the nature of the wild within

what is our true nature
closest to our most original self
in the inner wilderness
of shadow, soul, self/Self?

in our most untamed,
unmanaged, uncontrolled,
state of being, in our inner wildness,
who are we truly and authentically?

has being handled by the dominant systems
of power, control, and violence
rendered us but thoughtless, heartless, soulless
ghosts of production, consuming, and hostilities?

beloveds, the inner way traverses
a pathless land of wilderness, where here
in silence and solitude, bit by bit, we now find
the wild, untamed truth of our original nature

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 23, 2021

Art ‘Raven Dreams’
by Cathy McClelland