poem: from human suffering comes collaborative strength and solidarity

poem: from human suffering comes
collaborative strength and solidarity

allowing pain to strengthen and heal you
is to share the connection and strength
of solidarity with other human suffering

by singing together from our woundedness
meaning is given to our and others stories
by becoming a corroborative voice lifting all up

beloved fellow voices in the mercy choir
let us join together singing
our prophetic laments and soothing psalms

remembering the most precious gift we can give
another is our presence and attention here and now
belonging together in in authentic healing communities

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
May 5, 2021

images: Savasana Chakra Garden by Kimberly Russick,
photo of Savasana Class unattributed

Authors note: Savasana is a healing Hatha Yoga posture of
deep relaxation between sleep and wakefulness. It is also
called the corpse pose. By entering this deep meditative
state of nidra consciousness we can reach higher stages
of well being that relieve stress and result in wholeness
and healing. Savasana is usually taught and practiced
as the last posture in yoga classes and with the guidance
of the instructor can be transformative.

poem: the importance of wildflowers

poem: the importance of wildflowers

the wildflowers this Spring,
with the frequent rain,
are bountiful in the
low, marshy bottom land
near the creek offering showy
super cluster

their colorful and vibrant tableau
attracting the pollinators,
supporting complex ecosystems
in our great nest of being
all interconnected

their simple beauty appealing
to our human eye and soul,
perhaps one may be forgiven
a small fresh sprig pinched
for their beloveds cap, their face
all aglow

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
May 3, 2021

photos by Herb Stone

photos by Herb Stone

poem: the Wren Songs and the Wiggle Bottoms

poem: the Wren Songs and the Wiggle Bottoms

my dependable companions
appear each morning this Spring
outside the patio doors
where I write upon arising early

the mother wren and her companion,
aka the Wren Songs,
her song of three to four notes
filling the air

the rabbit couple,
aka the Wiggle Bottoms,
darting and rollicking on the lawn
before the ‘lil woods

mom Wren Song begins her busy day
of feeding her nestlings
atop the hook pole, insect in beak,
with a swoop to the nest inside the old grill

the Wiggle Bottoms appear to burrow
in the hedgerow at the property line,
they gyrate, kicking and jumping,
then suddenly flop down nibbling the clover

these my trusty companions
close by each day
their company delightful
singing, feeding, darting, nibbling

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 29, 2021

photos by Herb Stone

poem: the hermit of bird heaven thinks of Siddhartha Gautama


poem: the hermit of bird heaven
thinks of Siddhartha Gautamawhen the hermit
of bird heaven
leaves his modest abode
on the high hill

he thinks of
Siddhartha Gautama
leaving his father’s palace
for the first time

witnessing the human
suffering and injustice
just outside the king’s
huge estate gate

Prince Siddhartha upon seeing
an old person, an ill person,
a corpse, and an ascetic,
is shocked by the suffering

as is the hermit upon seeing
the homeless couple
seated in folding lawn chairs
at the interstate off ramp

it is obviously their home
in the bare dirt on the road side
littered with plastic for protection
and their few belongings

Siddhartha never returns home,
continuing on the archetypal
journey we must all take someday,
he becomes a spiritual devote, then teacher

we, propelled by our own human curiosity,
wanting to know the full story and full truth,
for ourSelf, must also leave the privilege
and comfort of our protective ego and home

thus journeying into the shadows
in a pathless land finding our own way,
solitary pilgrims doing the hard work
finding our story and truth for ourSelves


Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 24, 2021

image ‘Buddha Under the Bodhi Tree’
from Self Help Robot

Author’s note: Siddhartha Gautmama
is the name of the human who became the
Buddha. In Sanskrit, the name means
“one who has found the meaning of existence.”

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poem: honeysuckle summers

poem: honeysuckle summers

honeysuckle cascading
in waves,
down the slopes,
on a hot, sunny day

its sweet scent
wafting on the breeze
across the valley
far below

each bloom
a drop of nectar
drawing out the stamen
sweet on the tongue

suckling ‘til sate
spent white blooms
covering the earth
at your feet

now off again
the wild bunch play
running wild
through the woods

until parents
call us in with
the setting sun
dusty and tired

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 20, 2021

photos by Herb Stone