Reflection: When our silence is betrayal

Reflection: When our silence is betrayal

Sometimes we are tempted to stay silent about the things that really matter in life like love, grace, liberty, social justice, mercy, compassion, human rights, truth, beauty, goodness, community, out of our own personal comfort, pride, benefit, selfishness.

In this personal silence we are betraying the other, the marginalized and oppressed, and those deemed unworthy by the dominant culture of power, control, possession, and violence.

And we betray the Holy Spirit, the Breath of Life (Vita in Spiritu) that is always moving, uplifting, and life giving and as close to us as our very next breath.

Truth, beauty, and goodness is ground under the Empire’s boot heel in the complicity of our silence!

Break the silence here and now 💓

Herb Stone, here&now working poetry