poem: inspiring creativity

poem: inspiring creativity

the writing studio at pre-dawn
when the house is still and quiet
and the light is dim is inviting

settling in to write a spell
mindful of creative inspiration
surrounding me here

Buddha, Christ, Shiva
Ganesh, Hanuman closeby
their spiritual energy flowing

the library of great books
the collection of great music
the images of great art

within all beings
creative energies
are our root core

overcoming our fear
moving the energy within
lights the fire

ah, inspiration
you are the fuel
of creative energies flow

Herb Stone
April 11, 2021
here&now working poetry

photo by Herb Stone

poem: Spring’s greening

poem: Spring’s greening

Spring’s greening peaks now
outside my rainy window pane
verily verdant vistas appear

Spring’s greening energy:
sunlight, water, air
chemically photosynthesizing

Spring’s greening leaves,
sap running and sugar fueling
powering the trees of Green Earth Home

Spring’s greening of these
oldest living organisms
bonding us together on our Way

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 9, 2021

photo by Herb Stone

Reflection: Aftermath of the flooding

Reflection: Aftermath of the flooding
Walking at Radnor Lake Natural Area yesterday, witnessing the aftermath and power of the flood waters these last few days after heavy rain over the weekend (and it rained heavy again last night).
The waterways are running swift and deep, carving new branches here and there.
Herons and turtles survive on a log, a large salamander meanders by, and a fish and crawdad perished by the way.
Wildflowers and trees are all abloom. The smell of wet loamy earth fills the air. The warm sun helps us forget the raging storms we have just experienced.
I mumble a little prayer for those who suffered injuries, damage, and death from the storms with a word of gratitude for the sunny calm this day 🙏💓

poem: pilgrim, poet, prophet reincarnate

poem: pilgrim, poet, prophet reincarnate

once upon a time, I was a pilgrim
sailing the world upon a great ship
whence shipwrecked and wounded,
holy monks restoreth me body and soul

hence my seeking and calling, cometh
the mystic hermit monk of the
glen, the glade, the dell near the rivers edge
and its’ rituals of contemplating and cleansing

thence comes the poet of here and now,
liberating soul and spirit,
witness of Self truth and authentic belonging,
Earth being, witnessing the Cosmos, all in all

writing with the passion of righting wrongs,
asserting truth to age old lies,
breaking the silence, liberating the oppressed,
and healing the lovesick world

thus, shall speak the visionary prophet
of days to come, seer and holy troublemakers,
imagining wholly alternative futures
celebrated in stories, poetry, music, song, dance

our very existence a direct threat to the
worldly dominant totalizing systems
of the Emperor’s infidelity and brainwashing,
the hope of the prophets echoing for evermore

thus our being through time spiralling
deeper, wider, higher coming full circle
integrating individual paradoxical tension
as the One Cosmic Universal Consciousness of All

Tat tvam asi

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 12, 2021

image: ‘Nautilus’ by Josephine Wall

(reader’s note: Tat tvam asi is Vedic Sanskirt
translated as ‘Thou art that’ meaning existence
is Truth of the Self as One without a second as
presented in the Chandogya Upanishad (8th. to
6th. century BCE))

poem: citizens of the kin-dom

poem: citizens of the kin-dom

to whom or what are we loyal?

our ego (self),
Caesar (the empire),
dominant ideology,
the church,

your tribe

to whom or what do we surrender?

the powerful and controlling,
our mind,


until one is ready

to surrender their partial views
for the Big Picture,
one’s limited awareness
for the One Universal
Cosmic Consciousness,

we live incompletely

from our atomistic state

of partiality, one must
fully turn around and open
to Life Fulfilled Wholly
whereby the Consciousness
of the Universal Cosmic Christ

infills our self-emptying

the Great Cosmic Life Force

of the Universe, says Yes
to humanity and radical grace
and radical love for All, comes down
to us healing our wounds and offering
authenticity of diverse alternative

communities of belonging together

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 3, 2021

image unattributed

poem: cosmic visions of new year, new way, new being

poem: cosmic visions of new year,
new way, new being

one door open, another closes
entering liminal space with
propitious visions of new life

there will not be any going back
to some unwholesome norm
of fascism, injustice, and pandemic

this systemic toxicity neutralized
as we move forward, go deeper,
open wider in that which lies ahead

the inclusive democracy of diversity
the justice of a moral universe
the holistic health of organicity

personally integrating we offer
Self in unselfish acts
of public good expecting no reward

Beloveds, auspicious Cosmic beings,
liberated and creating and
seeing it through

for behold the old things pass away
and all things will be made new
the old self put off and the new Self put on

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
December 27, 2020

art ‘Cosmic Artist’ by Alex Grey

(reader’s note: the last stanza reflects
the prophecy of  Isaiah and the apostle Paul
in his epistle to the early church in Corinth.)




Reflection: anticipating a new year, new way, new me, new creativity, new mutuality

Reflection: anticipating a new year, new way, new me, new creativity, new mutuality

Here it sits in front of me on the dinning room table: some of my writing over the past couple of years. My composition books filled with writing and my poetry blog printed out on separate pages. I always write in long hand and then do the final composition on the computer before posting them on my blog and social media. You know I never thought I would share my writing so widely and have a blog.

Although, as some of you know, I have written all my life since childhood, only fairly recently, have I begun to see it as a vocation, i.e., a calling, rather than a personal pastime. And this thought, ‘perhaps it will serve me well in my dotage’.

Truthfully, I am rather wary to speak of writing so directly and concretely as so much of the creative process is so wondrously amazing to me coming from the shadows, the soul, and the spirit. And yet, creativity is large part daring as well.

And certainly without the support and encouragement and love of so many of you, my writing would be for naught. Beloveds, my respect and admiration always.

And so I shall go about organizing my writings, seeing what they might say, and what form they might take with these thoughts: where is it headed, what now, and always giving thanks as it is always gift and grace and mutuality to me.

When all is said and done, poetry, for me, is about Self expression and the hoped for deep connectivity with other and the belonging together that might spark from this ‘whereby human beings harness the energies of Divine Love and for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire.’

(note: the final phrase in the last sentence is a paraphrase of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit priest, mystic, scientist, theologian, philosopher, author, and teacher whose influence on me is telling)

Reflection: summa vitae meae, scio te ipsum

Reflection: summa vitae meae, scio te ipsum
Preface: I was deeply moved to write the following brief account summarizing the sum of my life’s purpose and expression and endeavors to know my self, which I must humbly preface with a poem from Mechthild of Magdeburg, a medieval mystic:
“Of all that God has shown me
I can speak just the smallest word,
Not more than a honey bee
Takes on her foot
From an overspilling jar.”
And so I begin. From my earliest childhood memories, before I understood their connotation and significance, and certainly since I was old enough to read and write, I have spent a lifetime endeavoring to understand and experience the truth of dreams, visions, creativity, religious experience, and spiritual traditions and practices.
Having studied the world religions and a plethora of spiritual traditions, read a library full of religious and spiritual literature, practiced numerous spiritual practices, spent years in intensive self inquiry, participated in the life of the Lutheran church, and endeavored to express it all creatively,
certainly I see this as the primary purpose and expression of my life (summan vitae meae) to this point and continuing forward. All else flows from this source.
And what of this life’s purpose and its expression? It has gifted me with some of the greatest stories ever told from the beginning of time, the great spiritual and religious literature and art of the ages, life transforming spiritual practices for mind, body, and spirit, an awareness and consciousness of that which creates, wounds, heals, sustains, and makes us whole, the shadows of self and the truth of Self, and the authenticity of mutual relationships and true belonging together in community.
From my earliest memories until now as a septuagenarian, I have come to know there is no greater purpose in life than to know our own true Self (scio te ipsum) wholly body, mind, and spirit and to enter fully into the mutuality of relationships and life together in authentic community walking one another home always.
Beloved, until we know ourselves, we cannot help ourself, or anyone else.
Khrisnamurti said, “When I understand myself, I understand you, and out of that understanding comes love.”
Ram Dass said, “Be here now.”
Gary Zukav wrote, we “may learn through the fear and doubt of our personality or through the courage and wisdom of the soul. The choice is ours to make.”
da, da, da
damyata, datta, dayadhvam
shanti, shanti, shanti