poem: time+space=creation

poem: time+space=creation

awakening with a poem on the tongue
and the great expanse of time surrounding us
this tableau for our imagination and creativity

our human form being here now
floating on this Gaian speck of life
the Great Cosmic Universe spins

all becoming a model of creative expression
(the page, the canvas, the clay, the notes, the performance)
this mutable reality of materials, energy, consciousness

we write, paint, sculpt, sing, and dance
re-connecting us to the true meaning of Life together
both human and divine, immanent and transcendent

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
July 26, 2021

art unattributed
Aboriginal dreamtime art

Reflection: Invitational Presence, Noticing Who Notices, Opening Our Hearts To One Another, Belonging

Reflection: Invitational Presence, Noticing Who Notices, Opening Our Hearts To One Another, Belonging

How do we express our Highest, Most True Selves into the world and authentically belong together in mutual relationships building soulful communities?

Much of my poetry is my effort in exploring and arriving at answers to this very question. Certainly that is the central theme in my recently published book, ‘The Poetry of Resistance and Transformative Healing” https://herbstonejr.com/books/

One master teacher, in her book, ‘Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home,” offers this sage advice: “If you are doing your part to brave the beautiful values that are coursing through you into the world, then all that’s left for you to do is to notice who notices. Don’t dismiss the invitational presence in others. Keep these ones close by noticing their gifts in return. Practice at opening the heart, yours and theirs, through fierce inquiry and the expression of truth.” Excerpt from Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home by Toko-pa Turner (belongingbook.com)

Beloveds, let us do the hard work of fearless self inquiry leading to Self Truth, the courageous expression of these our highest values, noticing, opening hearts, and coming together in invitational presence building authentic communities, and coming home in mutual belonging together.

Love one another!

poem: your creation goes out into the world

poem: your creation goes out into the world

having the creative urge and vision
to write a book is like
carrying and birthing a baby

writing the book, editing, rewriting
is like raising your child
and teaching it all you know

publishing the book
is the rude awakening the child is grown
and now must leave the shelter of home

now realizing you have done all you could,
infusing your love, authenticity, and truth,
your creation must travel afar on its own path

one hopes to hear good news on the journey,
standing on its own, now belonging to the world,
beyond our protection

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 26, 2021

photo by Herb Stone
‘My book comes to visit’

Announcement: My new book of poetry is available on Amazon

Sooner than expected, my new book is ready to view and order on Amazon.

I hope you will view the book at http://www.amazon.com by searching on the book’s title, and if it’s poetry and theme resonates with you, you will consider purchasing it.

One more request is that after reading, if you would please leave a review of the book on Amazon, it would be a great help to me. More reviews help increase sales on Amazon.

Thank you friends for all your support, and I hope you will enjoy the book written from my heart as an offering of radical grace and love for the healing of the world and all beings as True selves belonging together in authentic community💓🙏🏽

poem: inspiring creativity

poem: inspiring creativity

the writing studio at pre-dawn
when the house is still and quiet
and the light is dim is inviting

settling in to write a spell
mindful of creative inspiration
surrounding me here

Buddha, Christ, Shiva
Ganesh, Hanuman closeby
their spiritual energy flowing

the library of great books
the collection of great music
the images of great art

within all beings
creative energies
are our root core

overcoming our fear
moving the energy within
lights the fire

ah, inspiration
you are the fuel
of creative energies flow

Herb Stone
April 11, 2021
here&now working poetry

photo by Herb Stone

Reflection: early morning ramble of an ole man

Reflection: early morning ramble of an ole man

Up early as always, writing and working on numerous new projects, I feel the need to move and clear my head which has become cluttered of late.

So out the door for a ramble around the house and property. Today I notice our first iris have bloomed, and the garden needs an overdue weeding like my mind!

Yes, I am feeling very creative and productive these days, and I feel I need to better channel this energy and become more focused. At 73, I am working as much as I ever have in my life with what matters most to my heart, soul, and spirit.

I just need to re-center back within my Self and follow the natural rhythm of life’s paradoxical tensions. Stop grasping and holding on too long, instead flowing from our center, engaging and withdrawing, remembering it is about the journey and not the destination.

Announcing my new book to be published soon

Dear friends of here&nowworkingpoetry.blog (which I recently changed to the author’s domain herbstonejr.com) I am pleased to announce I will be publishing my first book of poetry soon. I invite you to watch my video announcement below and to stay tuned for further updates as we approach publication. I can not thank you all enough for your support of my poetry, and I look forward to many more years of writing in hopes it is resonating with you as we continue our journeys of growing as True Selves and building communities of authenticity together.

Herb Stone