Announcing here&now working press

here&now working press is officially opened for business for the self publishing of my books. In addition to setting up my office and writing studio and updating my website, I have been preparing my first book of poetry for publication as recently announced. A lot goes into the writing and publishing of a book as I am learning quickly (or slowly) as it may be. So far I have designed the book, formatted it for printing, edited it, and will be publicizing it soon. Tomorrow I will receive proof copies for what I hope is my last edit before publication. Thanks to you all who are interested in the publication of my first book. The journey has been a blessing thus far in my efforts.

poem: loved one’s passing


to all who have experienced recent, and not so recent, deaths
of dear loved ones including dear ones Brian and Liezel

Note to readers: The six stages of grief
are denial, anger, bargaining, depression,
acceptance, and meaning. The stages are
non-linear in their occurrence, coming
and going, with non-specific time
frames of indeterminate duration. This
is our journey until healing and peace
work their way. Shalom beloveds!

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