poem: somewhere between solitude and loneliness


poem: somewhere between solitude and loneliness

being here now in solitary existence
somewhere between solitude and loneliness
reflecting on recent events and experiences:
aging, disease, injury, separation, siloing,
the world and its totalizing systems

struggling, striving, sitting with challenges,
reconciling the grace of our being,
the preciousness of our life together,
and the amazing beauty of our Earth Home
with tender heart and teary eyes

busy, tired, and weary at times,
continuing at my task knowing
that we can bear it together
through connecting, belonging, and sharing,
grateful for authentic relationships and community

sitting quietly, listening,studying, reflecting, creating,
and connecting continue in this busy season of the suffering
arriving as an unexpected guest at my door,
each invited in and treated with truth and respect

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 21, 2022
art by Andrew Wyeth, ‘Christina Olsen, Triton’
Author’s note: I have struggled to write this, or anything else down, for over a
week. Knowing that sharing one’s suffering is very unfashionable in our
contemporary culture and society of everyone for themselves, I hesitate. I do not
share my poem from the perspective of being a victim, or a denier, or a masochist,
or from a place of apathy. Rather, I share from the perspective of witnessing,
better understanding, gifting, connecting, authentic belonging, and healing in the
tension of our suffering and our joie de vivre! The last three lines of stanza four
are after Rumi’s poem ‘The Guest House.”

poem: aging and the solace of small creatures and the great cosmos

poem: aging and the solace
of small creatures and the
great cosmos

a trinity of sparrows in flight
a pair of bluebirds roosting
a solitary chipmunk scurrying

in the little wood
on Bird Heaven Hill
just outside our door

observing endless activity
with amazement,
gratitude, and solace

the chaotic world swirls about,
we two elders forever mindful
of our cosmic harmonic wholeness

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 10, 2022

photos by author

poem: refrain to the Light in Advent at Winter Solstice

poem: refrain to the Light
in Advent at Winter Solstice

O Winter Solstice
O Star of the East
O Oriens
O Holy Night
O Radiant Dawn
O Nativity
O Eternal Light

shine down
on those
who dwell in darkness
the shadow
of death

that they
may be transformed
with eyes to see
the beauty
and ears to hear
the good news
of Heaven and Earth as One


Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
December 21, 2021

Author’s note: Today marks the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also the 24th. day of Advent. It is the day the antiphon O Oriens is sung. The Nativity of the Universal, Cosmic Christ is later this week followed by the Epiphany. Light upon Light! Many religions and spiritual traditions celebrate the Light at this time of bleak mid-Winter. O Orien lyrics appear in stanza two.

YouTube music video: Queens’ College Choir, Cambridge, Queens’ Chapel Players, Silas Wollston, Album And Comes The Day: Carols and Antiphons for Advent

poem: the blessings of a daily walk

poem: the blessings of a daily walk

among the
wild carrot,
crimson clover,
curly dock,
fields of wild flowers,
with the
dragon flies,
creek fish,
while tail,
in the
Southern Hills’ woods,
paddling the creeks,
then sitting a spell
in the deep shade
of mature trees,
with the cool breeze
on our face
fills our hearts
with unending gratitude
and grace

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
July 5, 2021

photos by the author
‘Our Recent Ramblings’

Announcement: My new book of poetry is available on Amazon

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Update: Preparing My Book of Poetry for Publication and Release Date

Update: Preparing My Book of Poetry for Publication
and Release Date

The release of my first book of poetry for publication
on Amazon is fast approaching. I am hoping to
release it so that it will be available to purchase on or
around May 1st. After weeks of editing the book and
making updates to my website and social media pages,
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Pre-release, a number of people have reviewed the book,
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Announcing here&now working press

here&now working press is officially opened for business for the self publishing of my books. In addition to setting up my office and writing studio and updating my website, I have been preparing my first book of poetry for publication as recently announced. A lot goes into the writing and publishing of a book as I am learning quickly (or slowly) as it may be. So far I have designed the book, formatted it for printing, edited it, and will be publicizing it soon. Tomorrow I will receive proof copies for what I hope is my last edit before publication. Thanks to you all who are interested in the publication of my first book. The journey has been a blessing thus far in my efforts.