Update: Preparing My Book of Poetry for Publication and Release Date

Update: Preparing My Book of Poetry for Publication
and Release Date

The release of my first book of poetry for publication
on Amazon is fast approaching. I am hoping to
release it so that it will be available to purchase on or
around May 1st. After weeks of editing the book and
making updates to my website and social media pages,
things are coming together nicely for the release.

Pre-release, a number of people have reviewed the book,
and offered their comments for which I am forever
grateful. Here is a brief comment from one such review:
“Herb Stone is a poet for our times…..A true poet able
to capture the feeling and the hopes of the people and
put into words. This publication…..with its strong cord
of hope and possibility will be a welcome balm therefore
for readers whose hope and faith has been faltering from
the tumult  of the times we live in….” I will be releasing
the reviews in full soon, and they will appear in the book.

For my friends and readers who would like to help support
my first self publishing effort, I would be grateful if  you
would visit my website herbstonejr.com, and follow my
blog by entering your email so that you will be notified of
new poems posted to my blog and other announcements.
And of course, upon publication, for those of you who like
the book and are able to purchase it, many thanks!

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