poem: the spiritual renaissance will not be social media-lized

poem: the spiritual renaissance
will not be social media-lized 

the spiritual renaissance
will not be social-media-lized,
televised, publicized,
or evangelized 

the renaissance will occur
in the consciousness of humans,
in their mutual relationships,
together in authentic communities 

preparing, the mind in revolt
questions everything
we have been taught
by the oppressive, dominant culture 

practicing, turning within and opening
to the Dharma, the Universal Truth,
as expressed through one’s True Self,
one is transformed and transforming 

participating, our hearts open to Love,
no fear, no fences, no fooling,
eschewing power over control of others,
uniting together as One 

personal and collective consciousness
evolving to the Omega Point,
coalescing into neighborly communities,
walking one another home in True Belonging 

spiritual and human,
as above, so below,
biosphere, noosphere,
Cosmic consciousness, mystical union

Alpha and OmegaTat Tvam Asi, Thou Art That

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
October 30, 2021

image unattributed

Author’s note: The poem’s title is a play upon Gil Scott-Heron’s spoken word poem: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Scott-Heron was a soul and jazz poet, musician, and
author (1949-2011). The Omega Point is the name given by Pierre Tielhard de Chardin,
a Catholic priest and anthropologist (1881-1951), to the evolution of life in which
consciousness reaches a singularity event and we shift from a planet of biological life forms
to a planet of higher consciousness.)

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poem: creating is like catching lightning in the void

poem: creating is
like catching lightning
in the void

in my poetry writing
I am learning
to stay committed and open
at a high enough level of intention
for the creative process
to unfold

now allowing the
missing pieces
I am looking for
to emerge
in their own time
from the unconscious mind

thus often manifesting
suddenly in a flash
in the in-between
completing the gestalt
before me in its most
authentic and beautiful form

like a satori
of the mind
we see the simple truth
of reality
that was always there
when we are ready

one comes to see
that in creating
there are moments of

holy revelation
and wholeness
completing the work

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
October 24, 2021

art image by Rowena Davis

Author’s note: The poem is influenced
by my reading of Rollo May’s book
‘The Courage to Create.’ I recommend
the book highly to all creatives whatever
your form of expression.

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Reflection: My Romance With Bookstores and Great Books

Reflection: My Romance With Bookstores and Great Books

Over the weekend, we visited three different brick and mortar bookstores. I have
always loved bookstores and libraries. Holding the books in your hands, reading
snippets, admiring the author’s creativity, and being inspired to write.

After Cathey and I were first married in the early 1970’s , we had a VW Beetle,
which she drove to her work everyday, and a bike I rode wherever I needed to go.
This included many trips to a lovely independent bookstore in the village near where
we lived. I spent a lot of time there reading and buying the books of Jack Kerouack,
Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Carlos Casteneda, Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Brautigan, and
many others.

This weekend we visited: an Amazon storefront, a Barnes and Noble, and our
independent bookstore, Parrnassus, co-owned by the novelist, Ann Pachett, who
lives in Nashville.

At Parnassus, I purchased the newly published book, The Every, by Dave Eggers,
which is only being sold through independent booksellers at this time by the author’s
design. Interestingly, the book is available as a hardback with over 30 different cover
designs (see the book I bought below). Also, Eggers has three different subtitles as
follows: ‘At Last A sense of Order,’ or ‘The Final Days of Free Will,’ or ‘Limitless
Choice is Killing the World.’

His novel focuses on the challenges and dangers facing our culture today due to the
ever increasing growth and power of tech companies and giant e-commerce sites.
The back cover says, “The Every will keep the reader in breathless suspense about
the fate of capitalism, freedom, and the human animal.”

If you love bookstores and good writing by contemporary authors who address the
critical social and cultural challenges of our times creatively and prophetically, visit
your local independent bookstore, hold it in your hands, marvel at it, pick your cover,and buy this book by Dave Eggers. And happy reading! 


poem: 铻 Autumn satori

poem: 铻 Autumn

the crisp, chilled ❅
Autumn morning
draws me outdoors,
down the steps,
leaves like boats ⾈
in the dew, a halo of
trees framing early
dawn’s amber sky,
heart ﹆ leaping,
belonging here on
Earth Home 介

Herb Stone
October 17, 2021

photos by author

https://herbstonejr.com/poem-%e9%93%bb-autumn-satori/18/Test https://herbstonejr.com/quote-authentic-inner-transformation-must-be-outwardly-manifested-in-communities-of-fellowship/16/Test

poem: healing heaven and earth

poem: healing heaven and earth

living our lives
waiting for a magic pass
to a magic kingdom
is wasting our breath

there is no magic pass
to the self truth
of True Self
and it’s Healing

there is no magic pass
to the relational mutuality
of Authentic Community
and Coming Home

there is no magic pass
to the Higher Consciousness
of Universal Truth
and it’s Cosmic Being

there is no magic pass
to the Radical Grace and Love
of the New Way
and New Life

only through grace, contemplation,
awareness, intent, will, and action
are we personally transformed
and collectively actualized

only rigorous preparation
and tenacious practice
will render us ready to participate
in Heaven and Earth Here and Now

when all things are considered
with Radical Grace and Love
Heaven and Earth
are one

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
October 14, 2021

art images:
Native American Women,
On the Mountain Top,
Kevin A. Williams,
Healing the Earth,
Micki Mueller

Author’s note: The last stanza is
a paraphrase of Hui Shih who
wrote: “When all things be
considered with love, heaven
and earth are one body for me.”