poem: a paean to well being

poem: a paean to well being

grateful for the relief
a day can bring

after the month of August
unbearably hot, wet, humid

cataclysmic, catastrophic
climate change surrounding us

yesterday walking out into a Fallish day
of sunshine and fresh air

our longest walk in awhile
in a cool breeze rejoicing

in the evening the home therapist
discharges Cathey

impressed as she completes ninety steps
marching in place in two minutes

the therapist delighted with Cathey’s
smile, laugh, and determination

she says ‘you remind me
of my mama’ with a smile

a palpable sense of relief
and well being lifts us up

deep gratitude for a beautiful day
and the good health to enjoy it

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
September 4, 2021

photos Herb Stone

Author’s note: Cathey, my wife, is recovering well from
a stroke and recently completed her in home physical therapy.

We continue to walk and exercise daily.

poem: muddled

poem: muddled

deep introspection escapes me
these days as my attention strays
hither and yon

a red dawn morning heralding
the destruction of hurricanes
as high winds and heavy rains approach

headlines of violence and death
abroad as families and children
scramble for safety amid darkness

news of dear vaccinated friends
fighting Covid infections
in this morphing pandemic

and our beloveds’ challenges
of suffering and healing
in these epochal times

the thread whipping about
I am adrift, now grabbing,
now hanging on for dear life

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
September 1, 2021

photos by Herb Stone
‘Red Dawn’
‘Tropical Depression Ida Blows Through’