Announcement: My new book of poetry is available on Amazon

Sooner than expected, my new book is ready to view and order on Amazon.

I hope you will view the book at by searching on the book’s title, and if it’s poetry and theme resonates with you, you will consider purchasing it.

One more request is that after reading, if you would please leave a review of the book on Amazon, it would be a great help to me. More reviews help increase sales on Amazon.

Thank you friends for all your support, and I hope you will enjoy the book written from my heart as an offering of radical grace and love for the healing of the world and all beings as True selves belonging together in authentic community💓🙏🏽

Coming Soon a New Book of Poetry by Herb Stone

here&now working press is pleased to announce the coming publication of Herb Stone’s new book of Poetry: The Poetry of Resistance and Transformative Healing: In Times of Worldly Tyranny and Chaos. Here is an epigraph from the front matter of his new book:

There is an alternative to the chaos and evil of tyranny, and it is grounded in the transformative healing of Self truth and of authentic communities of belonging. Beloveds, let us prepare, practice, and participate in this perennial vision before it is too late. Let us do the hard work within, without, and together. After all, those who see the vision and hear the call are the only ones who can be this change. It only takes a small group of intentional people committed to a greater purpose to continue this evolution of consciousness to its’ most deep, broad, and inclusive unification of the Cosmos. Blessings and peace, Herb

Also, an advance review of Herb’s new book:

…suffering, crying, grieving, lamenting…”Herb Stone takes the grief and horror of our times and like rough rocks he grinds and tumbles them together against his heart until they are finally polished stones. Now “…singing, dancing, dreaming, creating, hoping, healing…”we finally hold in our hands a silken feel of the New World we are promised. – Gertrud Mueller Nelson, Author, To Dance With God

His new book will be available soon! Further details to come.




poem: honeysuckle summers

poem: honeysuckle summers

honeysuckle cascading
in waves,
down the slopes,
on a hot, sunny day

its sweet scent
wafting on the breeze
across the valley
far below

each bloom
a drop of nectar
drawing out the stamen
sweet on the tongue

suckling ‘til sate
spent white blooms
covering the earth
at your feet

now off again
the wild bunch play
running wild
through the woods

until parents
call us in with
the setting sun
dusty and tired

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 20, 2021

photos by Herb Stone

Update: Preparing My Book of Poetry for Publication and Release Date

Update: Preparing My Book of Poetry for Publication
and Release Date

The release of my first book of poetry for publication
on Amazon is fast approaching. I am hoping to
release it so that it will be available to purchase on or
around May 1st. After weeks of editing the book and
making updates to my website and social media pages,
things are coming together nicely for the release.

Pre-release, a number of people have reviewed the book,
and offered their comments for which I am forever
grateful. Here is a brief comment from one such review:
“Herb Stone is a poet for our times…..A true poet able
to capture the feeling and the hopes of the people and
put into words. This publication…..with its strong cord
of hope and possibility will be a welcome balm therefore
for readers whose hope and faith has been faltering from
the tumult  of the times we live in….” I will be releasing
the reviews in full soon, and they will appear in the book.

For my friends and readers who would like to help support
my first self publishing effort, I would be grateful if  you
would visit my website, and follow my
blog by entering your email so that you will be notified of
new poems posted to my blog and other announcements.
And of course, upon publication, for those of you who like
the book and are able to purchase it, many thanks!

poem: awakening, transforming, transcendent, immanent, oneing

poem: awakening, transforming,
transcendent, immanent, oneing

soul glimpsing a wholeness (holiness)
beyond the fragmented self,
experiencing the inner Self

in quietude from the chaos,
flowing into pure being
of no-self beyond all boundaries

thus knowing the way:

of the Cosmic Christ,
the kingdom of God,
the kin-dom of belonging,
Authentic Community,
Tao, Nirvana, Ananda

Tat Tvam Asi
That I Am
So Be It

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 17, 2021

art image ‘Release Your Inner Beauty’
by Julia Watkins

Announcing here&now working press

here&now working press is officially opened for business for the self publishing of my books. In addition to setting up my office and writing studio and updating my website, I have been preparing my first book of poetry for publication as recently announced. A lot goes into the writing and publishing of a book as I am learning quickly (or slowly) as it may be. So far I have designed the book, formatted it for printing, edited it, and will be publicizing it soon. Tomorrow I will receive proof copies for what I hope is my last edit before publication. Thanks to you all who are interested in the publication of my first book. The journey has been a blessing thus far in my efforts.

poem: prepare to be interrupted by God today

poem: prepare to be interrupted
by God today

take a break
from the 10,000,000 things
that distract us

see the Universal Cosmic Christ
by whatever name
in the stranger, other, oppressed

especially those
making us the most uncomfortable
in our privilege

allow the truth, beauty, and goodness
that surround us to act in
mercy, radical grace, and radical love

turn so that hearts are opened
minds transformed
and spirits lifted up

and so this shall be the new way
that God is always with us all
in the mutuality of giving and receiving

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 20, 2021

art image unattirbuted