poem: our lives together in challenging times

poem: our lives together in challenging times

separated from one another
and under assault from the external din
as never before in our lifetime

a ‘new normal’ will never evolve
by commenting on the scenery or
changing external circumstances

needing intensive Self care,
and a cleansing from the rhetoric, lies,
propaganda, hubris, nostalgia, and platitudes

letting go of all we think we know
and that which the dominant authorities
want us to believe although unexamined

here and now quieting and stilling
we are as beginners each new day to the
examined, intentional, purposeful life

transcending the absorbed self
let us turn and open within
to wisdom of the ages and Self truth here and now

being as seekers
of the new day, the new time,
and the new way transformed

recalling Truth and Love
are the treasures sitting upon
the Lotus throne of our hearts

now with intensive Self care and loving mutuality
together we shall meet the difficult challenges
confronting us

dear friends pray for me in my tiredness
as I pray for you in yours, as we take time now,
to be restored together in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
September 20, 2021

photo by author
‘Gulfview Heights, SRB, 2017 with Cathey’

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