Reflections: Awakening every new morning as a beginner

Reflections: Awakening every new morning as a beginner

Up early before dawn for this lovely summerfall day. The cool, cool morning, after all the summer heat, so soothing. Sensing the activity to come later in the day as nature approaches its’ Autumn Equinox. Then, after another busy day, resting in its’ long shadows of evening.

Today praying to let go of all I think I know and all that others in power and authority wants me to believe although unexamined. Letting go of all the claptrap, rhetoric, propaganda, lies, chit chat, hogwash, nostalgia, hubris, balderdash, and just plain ole’ B.S.! The intentional, examined, purposeful life is worthy of these efforts.

Awakening every morning as a beginner. Turning and opening to the Truth of the Ages and True Self in Authentic Community here and now, rising above the din and chaos of this world. 

Truth and love are the treasure sitting upon the Lotus Throne of my heart!

I am that….

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