poem: the nature of the wild within

poem: the nature of the wild within

what is our true nature
closest to our most original self
in the inner wilderness
of shadow, soul, self/Self?

in our most untamed,
unmanaged, uncontrolled,
state of being, in our inner wildness,
who are we truly and authentically?

has being handled by the dominant systems
of power, control, and violence
rendered us but thoughtless, heartless, soulless
ghosts of production, consuming, and hostilities?

beloveds, the inner way traverses
a pathless land of wilderness, where here
in silence and solitude, bit by bit, we now find
the wild, untamed truth of our original nature

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 23, 2021

Art ‘Raven Dreams’
by Cathy McClelland


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