poem: promise keepers and promise breakers

poem: promise keepers
and promise breakers 

promises, in relationships,
are like seeds that must be
planted in the soil of our
hopes and dreams,
watered with our
sweat and tears,
and allowed to grow
in the light of truth
and authenticity 

then waiting to see what
they produce:
throne or vine,
barrenness or generative buds,
pretty flowers that fade and die
or living fruit that nourishes,
famine or feast,
self or Soul,
emptiness or Love

broken promises
are seeds of loss and grief;
and so now, with promises to keep,
facing the challenges
of the journey ahead,
overcoming its hardships
no matter how weary,
miles to go
before I slee 

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 19,202 

Author’s note: The last stanza alludes to
the iconic poem by Robert Frost, ‘Stopping
by Woods on a Snowy Evening.’ 

Art ‘Sower of the Seeds’
by Anneli Anderson

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