poem: pilgrim, poet, prophet reincarnate

poem: pilgrim, poet, prophet reincarnate

once upon a time, I was a pilgrim
sailing the world upon a great ship
whence shipwrecked and wounded,
holy monks restoreth me body and soul

hence my seeking and calling, cometh
the mystic hermit monk of the
glen, the glade, the dell near the rivers edge
and its’ rituals of contemplating and cleansing

thence comes the poet of here and now,
liberating soul and spirit,
witness of Self truth and authentic belonging,
Earth being, witnessing the Cosmos, all in all

writing with the passion of righting wrongs,
asserting truth to age old lies,
breaking the silence, liberating the oppressed,
and healing the lovesick world

thus, shall speak the visionary prophet
of days to come, seer and holy troublemakers,
imagining wholly alternative futures
celebrated in stories, poetry, music, song, dance

our very existence a direct threat to the
worldly dominant totalizing systems
of the Emperor’s infidelity and brainwashing,
the hope of the prophets echoing for evermore

thus our being through time spiralling
deeper, wider, higher coming full circle
integrating individual paradoxical tension
as the One Cosmic Universal Consciousness of All

Tat tvam asi

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 12, 2021

image: ‘Nautilus’ by Josephine Wall

(reader’s note: Tat tvam asi is Vedic Sanskirt
translated as ‘Thou art that’ meaning existence
is Truth of the Self as One without a second as
presented in the Chandogya Upanishad (8th. to
6th. century BCE))

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