Poem: God Utters Me Like a Word*


God creates order
out of chaos
with an utterance

God sustains life
out of nothingness
with a breath

God loves us
into true being
with  incarnation

God transforms belonging together
into authentic neighborly community
with radical acceptance   

Creator God
sustainer God
beloved of God
grace of God

God, may we awaken to
your utterance, breath, incarnation, grace
in our most true being and belonging together
here and now

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
May 2019

  • Thomas Merton quote: “God utters me like a word containing a partial thought of himself. A word will never be able to comprehend a voice that utters it. But if I am true to the concept God utters in me, if I am true to the thought in Him I was meant to embody, I shall be full of His actuality and find him everywhere in myself and find myself nowhere. I shall be lost in Him.” 
Photo, God Utters Me Like a Word, Draper Coastal Dune Lake, FL by Cathey Stone

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