Reflection: My current reading

Reflection: My current reading

I have just started reading both of these books. I read every day, often reading two books at the same time; sometimes three. Both of these books speak to me deeply.

Ann Pachett’s book, by the way she lives in Nashville and has a bookstore here Parnassus Books, is a memoir of her friendship with the poet Lucy Grealy who suffered from childhood with facial disfigurement due to cancer and died of a heroin overdose at the age of 39.

Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book is nonfiction and explores bringing together her scientific and Native American knowledge for a wider ecological consciousness which can save our Earth home. Her book has been called ‘A hymn of love to the world’ by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here are quotes from the books:
Describing her friendship with Lucy, “ Ann Pacheet writes, “Our friendship was like our writing in some ways. It was the only thing that was interesting about our otherwise dull lives. We were better off when we were together. Together we were a small society of ambition and high ideals. We were tender and patient and kind. We were not like the world at all.”

Speaking of the Earth teaching us how to live sustainably, Robin Wall Kimmerer writes, “Plants know how to make food and medicine, and then they give it all away.”

Reading satisfies my unending curiosity about life on this Earth and its’ never ending mysteries and our bigger picture lives in all their Cosmic dimensions. And it feeds my passion inspiring me to write to discover what I know to be true and authentic personally and collectively. How do we know our most true self and together walk each other home authentically in community?

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