poem:  this Advent season of waiting, watching, witnessing, awakening 

poem:  this Advent season of waiting,
watching, witnessing, awakening

all Creation groans:
humanity expectant,
pregnant with the anticipation
of waiting and preparing

Earth and Heaven are changed:
the star in the East,
the road made straight in the desert,
the low places made level

the world of  human society changed:
the great leveling, scattering the proud,
bringing the high, low, and filling the hungry,
sending the rich away empty

the incarnation of
Universal Cosmic Christ consciousness:
came down to us, comes now,
and will come again

vigilant, waiting, watching,
this knowing deep in our bones,
in every cell, in every breathe,
our Advent witnessing and awakening

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
December 9, 2021

photo by author

Author’s note: The poem draws on
Matthew’s story of the Magi, Luke’s
Canticle of Mary, and Isiah’s prophecy
of John the Baptist from the Bible. It is
written from the perspective of spiritual
experience universal to all creation and
humanity whatever your religion, faith,
beliefs, or traditions.  

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