poem: the Wren Songs and the Wiggle Bottoms

poem: the Wren Songs and the Wiggle Bottoms

my dependable companions
appear each morning this Spring
outside the patio doors
where I write upon arising early

the mother wren and her companion,
aka the Wren Songs,
her song of three to four notes
filling the air

the rabbit couple,
aka the Wiggle Bottoms,
darting and rollicking on the lawn
before the β€˜lil woods

mom Wren Song begins her busy day
of feeding her nestlings
atop the hook pole, insect in beak,
with a swoop to the nest inside the old grill

the Wiggle Bottoms appear to burrow
in the hedgerow at the property line,
they gyrate, kicking and jumping,
then suddenly flop down nibbling the clover

these my trusty companions
close by each day
their company delightful
singing, feeding, darting, nibbling

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 29, 2021

photos by Herb Stone

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