poem: only scratching the surface vis-a-vis knowing Truth

poem: only scratching the surface

vis-a-vis knowing Truth

one must beware of using
only a small portion
of our memory and thoughts
to define and respond to all of life

David Hume called thought
‘a little agitation of
the brain’ of which we make
a model of the whole universe

Thoreau said consistency
is a hobgoblin of the little mind
leaving a great soul
with simply nothing to do

Patanjali taught cessation
of the turnings of thought
so that the Spirit stood in its’
true identity as observer of the world

Richard Burke described
Cosmic Consciousness
as intuitively knowing the
universe is God and God the universe

Father Bede Griffiths wrote
that we in the West think the mind
is everything yet there are three levels
of body, mind, Spirit leading to ‘silent witness’

teachers open the door
but we must enter by our-self
and emerge liberated as Self-knowing
the Higher Truth within and without

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 8, 2021

image ‘Sage Patanjali, Author of theYoga Sutras’, artist unattributed

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