poem: “I got you”

poem: “I got you”

seated, hand on her cane,
gray head bowed down,
reaching out
she takes my hand

after a few false starts,
gently lifting
and steadying her,
she rises to her fee

opening her eyes, unsteady,
she says, ‘so sleepy, let me get
my balance’ and I reply
‘I got you baby’

she rest her head on
my shoulder, my chin on
top of her head, our arms
wrapped around one another

we take a deep breathe,
inhaling, exhaling,
until she says ‘OK, I am ready,’
and I slowly step back

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
April 2, 2022

image: by author 

Author’s note: One tender, fleeting
moment in a day of care-giving for
a spouse with Alzheimers.

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