Poem: A Day in the Life: Creating, Caring, Falling, Rising

A Day in the Life:
Creating, Caring, Falling, Rising

Awakening to the muse
arising to the morn
capturing lightning in a bottle,
perhaps; I muse and write
before the day’s tasks and momentum take hold

Mid-morning breakfast with my beloved
I read for its’ joy and  learning to write;
puttering around the kitchen
cleaning up, tidying up
there is a certain flow takes over

 Care, chores, and errands to be done,
caring through the day for my beloved,
prepping three meals and tidying up,
cleaning and maintaining our home,
shopping to be done; our routine has begun

Hopefully a mid-day walk
relieving aches, clearing the mind,
oneing with the Universe;
along the trails, in nature,
we saunter about capturing images

The day gathers a particular momentum,
already  half gone;
early afternoon for resting
and some quiet time, as I putter about,
my beloved rest her eyes

Soon enough I prepare a small dinner
and in early evening we eat
and watch the ever worsening news
and perhaps something entertaining
on the telly as we wind down another night

Upstairs for an early bedtime,
we climb the stairs with stiff  groans;
I always read a novel before sleep,
new worlds and other lives and deep truths,
awestruck and immersed in the writing

Our latter-days, like a dream,
a certain symmetry arising;
here and now and past and future all one,
inner truth, authenticity, community, caring,
creating, writing, loving all that matters

The clarity, cleansing, condensing of aging,
and its’ falling downward,
my beloved and I filled with faith and hope
of the life, death, resurrection, arising
in, with, and through the unifying
Cosmic, Universal Christ principle of all together,
another day in the Eternal Life of the living, caring,
loving God as we walk one another Home at last

  • Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, August, 2019



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