Poem: Today the Very Earth Cries

Poem: Today the Very Earth Cries

The trees bow their crowns
the very stones weep under our feet
the clouds cast dark shadows
the wind drones a mournful song
the creatures cower and moan
the people grieve and lament

Fires of the humans
rage upon this earth
destroying ecosystems
heating the atmosphere
depleting ozone
displacing/destroying life and cultures

Human’s ever expanding populations
and their demands and personal greed
threatens sustainability
of our earth home with
logging, corporate ranching and farming,
mining, infrastructure expansion

Long ago Turtle Island’s primordial peoples  
prophesied when the Earth has been befouled
and the waters turned bitter with disrespect
humans will have two choices:
honor the Spirit Universe and survive or the
personal comfort of possessions and perish

 Loving Creation hears us and is at One
Creator God suffers and weeps with us
The Earth invites our participation,
and not our domination,
alongside trees, waters, soils, creatures, air
All turning now towards Home together now

  • Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, August 2019


The Lungs of the Earth, image unattributed

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