reflection: Universal Cosmic Christ conciousness by whatever name

reflection: Universal Cosmic Christ consciousness
by whatever name

Now in the season of Advent, according to the Christian liturgical calendar, it is well to reflect upon the coming of Jesus, the Christ, and the incarnation of Christ consciousness into the world. This highest consciousness of the divine is universal to humanity, and available to our experience through many religious, spiritual, and other traditions, and alluded to by many names: Cosmic Christ consciousness, the omega point, Supreme consciousness, nirvana, moksha, and so on.
Once this consciousness speaks directly with, in, and through us as an individual, and is expressed with, in, and through our day-to-day thoughts, words, and deeds, which is the mystical expression of That I Am in our lives, we are liberated to know our most true Self and our most authentic belonging. Until such time, this highest way of knowing, remains at risk of being viewed as mere religious history, doctrine, and beliefs, inaccessible to many and unfulfilled in practice. Thus the Christ child’s coming and his peaceable kingdom here on Earth is for naught swallowed in a world of human power, control, and violence.
This consciousness, as revealed, in the incarnation of Jesus, the Christ, is our only true hope for life together, in the Cosmos, on the Earth, in the world, in communities, for all beings. All authentic traditions and their teachers teach this practice and way of knowing: Gandhi, Thich Naht Hahn, Paramahansa Yogananda, Thomas Merton, Pierre de Chardin, Richard Rohr, etc.
As human beings, we must awaken from the illusions of this world (Maya), and have the eyes to see and the ears to hear our human and non-human teachers, including the Earth, and participate in the letting go, emptying, and thousand little deaths preparing and opening to Self truth, mutuality, and the authentic community of belonging in, with, and through Universal Cosmic Christ consciousness.

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