Poem: Practice and Know the Truth

Practice and Know The Truth*

Practice, little Truth Seeker, practice

Light the fire of the Vital Life Force
and burn away the impurities and imperfections of the Body and Mind

Shine the Light of Discriminating Consciousness
on the tricks of the ego

Renounce the attachment of pleasure seeking and desire
for more, more, more
of that which does not ultimately satisfy

Break through the darkness and the veil
that you may hear God calling through Grace
and directly know the Bliss of Being in God’s presence

Embrace Right Acting through Right Knowledge
and develop a sense of Inner Peace

Through thought, word, and deed 
practice and know the Truth

– Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, undated piece 

*Dedicated to the memory of a dear friend whose life was filled with God’s Grace, Jeff Blake, author of multiple books about grace including
“Traveling on Grace Street: A Memoir”

Photos of Jeff from his book and social media jeffblake (1)

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