Poem: Where We Belong

Poem: Where We Belong

Souls forever searching
grounded in primary need
for true self and  belonging

From that place of exiled
being alone in the great, dry, barren
desert of silence and solitude

The natural flow state of tension
engaging, disengaging;
self truth, authentic belonging

Our first Home, Creation,
the ecosystems of our Earth 
and kinship with its’ creatures 

Spinning within the Great Universe,
Cosmic Home in the Milky Way
in the starry darkness

Soulmates coming together
in communities of authenticity
and kin-dom of true selves

Sharing our liminal spaces
and watershed moments
and ordinary graces of our lives

Nurturing, nourishing, growing,
trusting  our vulnerability
becoming whole as one

Around the fire
sharing our stories
along the journey

Giving and receiving  love
little else is needed
as we walk each other Home

Where We Belong

– Herb Stone 
    here&now working poetry
    October, 2019

Photos: The Milky Way Galaxy by NASA, Congo Lowland Forrest unattributed, Around the Fire by Joris Voeten on Unsplash 

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