Poem: the spirituality of imperfection (being perfectly imperfect)

the spirituality of imperfection
(being perfectly imperfect)

it is in doing it wrong
we get it right
as in our wounding
is our healing

in this tension is our being
wheat and chaff
light and shadows
saint and sinner

Buddha knew
the suffering of this world
could lead us to enlightenment
and compassion

The Cosmic Christ knew
the suffering of the cross of
this world in its’ rejection could lead
us to grace, love, and kin-dom together

our only true perfection in this life
is opening to and embracing
our imperfect self which can
lead us to True Self and community

Beloveds, not to misunderstand,
this is not some stoic exercise of self will
or hedonistic pursuit of self indulgence;
it is the messiness of failure, regret, shame, and rejection

and so now sitting solitarily with the hurt and pain,
feeling its’ sting, doing the hard inner work,
letting it bring you to wholeness
in True Self and authentic belonging here

if you are fortunate, a dear, wise friend will say
“let your failures leave you a better person,
not a bitter person….this is how
we change the world, this is how we save lives”*

Herb Stone
here & now working poetry
January 11, 2020

*thank you to Liezel Graham, my dear friend and poet,
for allowing me to use her quote; please read her uplifting
poetry at www.liezelgraham.com and @liezel.graham.writer

Zen Art Images unattributed

1) The Enzo circle 2) Yin Yang



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