Poem: Surrendering: Do The Work!

Poem: Surrendering: Do the Work!

Have you done the work
of surrendering your ego
and its’  personal hubris
of the success that ultimately
does not satisfy

Have you surrendered
your brain impulse
of the analytical, reasoning mind
for the precognition knowing
of spiritual Creation

Have you surrendered
your privilege and success
in the imperialistic empire’s
power, control, and violence paradigm
for anti-dominant empowerment, liberation, and peace

If you tell me, this grace,
of the Universal Cosmic Christ (by whatever name)
has not been bestowed upon you,
for your personal spiritual transformation,
I will tell you, you have not done the work

Of accepting the key to the door of grace,
and doing the inner work of surrender
and acceptance, following the pathless way,
studying the Masters, and age-less practices
leading to the peace beyond the mind 

Beloveds, awaken, do the work
of recognizing your soul, its’ truth,
and its’ authentic belonging in the Cosmic
Universe, and our authentic, diverse
communities together, home, in kin-dom

  • Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, September, 2019

“We have not come here to take prisoners, but to surrender…”
    – Hafiz

Inspired by spiritual Master’s including Rumi, Hafiz, Krishnamurti,
Toko-pa Turner, and Richard Rohr to name a few


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