poem: ole coyote warming its bones

poem: ole coyote warming its bones

wiley, wary, weary coyote
dozing in the full sun
of a freezing winter’s morn

a sub-zero night,
scrounging for its food,
its heart is light

witty and wise, clever and savvy,
in nature wholly adaptable,
the old coyote perseveres

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 5, 2023

photo by author

author’s note: Our local coyote friend,

laying in a favorite sunny spot at the
edge of our woods, during the recent
cold nap this winter with temps
sub-zero and below freezing for several
days. Recently, it came to our
backdoor before sunrise and made a
ruckus, and I peered through the glass;
it was there on the patio just inches away
on the other side of the door. Thanks for
stopping by!

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