Poem: Neat Little Boxes

Poem: Neat Little Boxes

The neat little boxes 
Of our lives
Hide their confinement

And the norm
Not asking much

Citizens of the Empire
Charity for the poor
Protest by the rules
Tribalism and its’ silo
Institutional religion
Politics of extremes
Retributive justice
Rote learning

We are rearranging 
The deck chairs
Prisoners redecorating
The prison

Wake Up
Tear down the dividing walls
Busting out

Be true unto thine Self
See your visions
Dream your dreams


Listen friend

“You will know the truth
And the truth will set you free”

“No one is free
Until all are free”

“The revolution 
Will not be televised”

– Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, April, 2019

Grateful for the freedom quotes of Saint John, the Apostle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Gil Scott Heron

Art, Cube Head, by Emma Rojas

Cube Head by Emma Rojas

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