Poem: It’s A Mad World

Creating (w)holi-ness out of cosmic chaos
the Cosmic Christ
imbues it all with love

Commanding distributive justice
over human hubris and raw power
and liberty for the oppressed

Creator, commanding God
comes down enfleshed
and models it all for us

The eternal Universal Christ
commands us to a Life together
in radical grace and love in kin-dom

It is a Mad World that disobeys
the commands of the  creator
archetype Cosmic Christ

Does God command to scare us,
to punish us for being bad,
or as Master of all Creation

God’s word is this:  turning away from Eternal Life
incurs deathliness via hubris,
raw power, control, and violence

Accept God’s invitation to Eternal Life
of (w)holi-ness and distributive justice
in radical grace and love together

The Universal Christ of all eternity
is the primal pattern of Creation and Justice
and we are always invited to return home

Look for God in the order of the Cosmos
look for God in the theophany of
relationships and authentic community

One is as close to God as one’s breath
one can only be separate in one’ own’s mind
God, That I Am, is everywhere and in everything

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry

June 2019


Star Nursery from nasa.gov
Cooper Hill Campfire by Julie Jilec

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