Part V: Ode to My Longtime Companion: A Shining Star in a Stellar Career

Part V: Ode to My Longtime Companion
A Shining Star in a Stellar Career

Returning to her commercial insurance career
after two years of being a full-time mom
secure in her knowing that her son
was healthy and thriving

Climbing the career ladder
from receptionist to assistant Vice President
over a career of nearly 50 years
she brought her drive to everything she did

Learning from strong women mentors
her bosses and colleagues, Lawana, Slyvia, others
who appreciated all she brought
and championed her all along the way

Being known as one who gets the job done
through best practices and the highest standards
her eye for detail, her work ethic, her loyalty
admired by all who knew her, and she knew everyone

Working for the industry giants
Travelers, AIG, Stewart-Smith, Willis
managing the office, coordinating events, inspecting
boiler and machinery, training best practices 

Traveling the United States
San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Chicago,
she loved traveling, seeing the country,
meeting new people, mastering her craft

Knowing everyone in the industry,
no one a stranger, well respected with many friends,
she met great success in all that she attempted
no bar to high, she soared, a bright star

Retiring, after nearly 50 years, came sudden and hard
it was not as she had hoped or imagined;
in our lives with its’ one constant, change,
we found  ourselves in-between, in liminal space 

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
November, 2019


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