haiku: moon light on the road to Bethlehem

haiku: moon light on
the road to Bethlehem

oh moon of winter
hovers in misty treetops
lighting up the way

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
December 20, 2021

photo by author

taken this morning

Author’s note: The moon was

lovely in the misty barren tree
limbs this morning outside my
abode. Being Advent I was
reminded that Mary and Joseph
would have been traveling on
the way to Bethlehem for the tax
census demanded by the Roman
occupation at that time. Mary fully
pregnant, on a grueling, dangerous
trip from Nazareth with only
moonlight to light the way at night.
Another example of the Empire’s
dominance and oppression over the
Citizens of Judea and their prayers
for the fulfillment of a Messiah to
liberate them.

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