Haiku: Breathing with the Swells

A reflection on the occasion of my writing this new haiku

Yesterday, as we walked solitarily along the deserted beach, the sea and sky were a lovely blue with the Autumn rays of light slanting on the waters’ surface, I could see the waves swell and dissipate, as if a living creature breathing, and I found my breathing falling into their rhythm in perfect syncopation.

It was a marvelous moment of flow in the natural order of the Cosmos and our Earth home of authentic belonging together with all Creation!

This experience imprinted on my consciousness and quietly kept speaking to me through out the day and evening as I tried to capture it in words writing it down in several versions before I felt I had captured its’ bliss and essence in such a way that others might find it resonating in their life journeys along the way.

Beloveds, I hope you might enjoy it as I did in that moment 💓

Photo by Herb Stone

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