poem: ‘who thought that little creek could get so angry”

poem: ‘who thought that little

creek could get so angry”

the storm on the horizon
approaching fast across the valley
rain in my face before I can shut the door

the loud thunder storm distracts
me repeatedly from my writing
flash! bang! boom! thunder pealing

as the dark of night descends
rolling thunder, lightening, hail, rain
jarring me out of bed

watching the crackling angry skies
the deluge persisting unabated
finally drifting to sleep to the drumming

awakening later surprised by the calm
seeing the cherry blossoms holding tight
surviving the night, awaiting morning light

hearing reports of the flooded lowlands
homes destroyed, cars swept off roads, the dead
“who thought that little creek could get so angry”

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
March 29, 2021

photos and videos by Herb Stone

Author’s note: The title of the poem is from a comment
made by a survivor of the flood in Nashville which
received 8 inches of rain in a 24 hour period.
Four people have been confirmed dead, and there is
concern others may be found later especially among
the homeless. Some waterways have still not subsided.
The power of the water and its’ destruction confounds
the human mind. Prayers for all impacted by the storms
and the dead and their families. Living in the Southern
Hills the author and his family are grateful to be marked
safe from the storms.



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