poem: the president that never was suffers his apocalypse

poem: the president that never was
suffers his apocalypse

the president that never was
upon leading an insurrection
at the U.S. Capitol resulting
in five deaths, numerous injuries,
destruction, and desecration

will be be flushed
from his bunker where
the hounds of hell await him
constantly nipping at his bloody heels
as he attempts his escape

and purged from our system,
vomited out, so that the bloody
vultures of history nibble at his
bones, picking them clean, for as
long as he may persist

for his skulduggery and demonic madness
resulting in evil and criminal behavior
which toxicity has crazed millions
a holding cage awaits so that his chant
‘lock ‘em up’ rings in his ears eternally

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
January 10, 2021

image: ‘The Flag of the Traitor’ by the New York

(reader’s note: A poem of social injustice
and losing our souls. This is the hell that awaits
anyone who puts themself above all else for
their own selfish, private gain. When we become
so separated from the Cosmic Consciousness
and lost in our soul, we suffer in agony and
bring that suffering upon others. In this poem,
I vent my outrage at the events of the past four
years that have allowed a man of such incompetence
and madness to so destroy our nation culminating
in an act of treason which has poisoned the mind
of millions and who is yet to be held responsible for
his crimes. Now is not the time for a stiff upper
lip or silence. We must speak truth to power
and do the hard work of containing this madness.
Only deep personal and collective redemption
and transformation will lead us to reconciliation
now and save our souls and that of our nation.)

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