Poem: This World We Make is No Easy Place for Humans

This World We Make is No Easy Place for Humans

There is no senseless suffering
or alien sorrow from which one
is exempt in this world

When our attempts  do not change
the suffering or relieve its’ sorrow
one learns 

Joining in the suffering
accepting its’ wound
steadfastly committed to another day

All the while seeking the solace
of a costly grace-filled love which
is a harsh and dreadful thing

Costly for the suffering one 
requiring labor and fortitude
and a radical freeing forgiveness 

Costly for the oppressor
requiring confession and repentance
through a veil of  hubris and ignorance

Who here is the radical Christ disciples, 
the bodishattvas, the Vaishnavas,
the authentic compassionate Light Beings

Do  not forlorn beloveds
the transformative power of suffering
can only bring us to our Truth
and Authentic Belonging together

Herb Stone, here&now working poetry, August 2019

Man_of_Sorrows_-_Google_Art_Project (1)

‘Man of Sorrows’ 15th. century German woodcut artist unknown 

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