Poem: Well this is Good News! Amen.

Well this is Good News! Amen.
the faith, hope, and love of a Creator
who so loves us, is with us, and comes to us,
in so many ways

The Creator come down to us as Jesus of Nazareth
inflowing of the eternal Christ Mystery
lives upon this earth among us as a new thing
both human and divine

Think of the implications of this Good News personally and cosmically

This event in historical time, this tactile lesson, this enfleshment
of the Christ consciousness as to how we live
here and now, on earth (as in heaven)
modeling the God within us all and within all relationships

This perfect antidote
to human hubris
to suffering
to apathy
to alienation
to ego
to empire
to raw power
to control
to violence
to death culture
to captivity

Creator God, Cosmic Christ, Universal Spirit
let me see through thine eyes all things shining
the good, the true, and the beautiful


Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 2019

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