poem: reality lessons at the sea shore

poem: reality lessons at the sea shore

living by the sea shore
taught me three key lessons:
dependence arising, change,
and impermanence, all of which
may be observed there over time

air temperatures interacting
with wind and the sun and moon
determining the seas activity
upon the shape shifting sand
below your fee

our reality, our right understanding,
depends upon our seeing everything
as inter-connected and dependent,
giving rise to creation, change, eroding,
ultimately disappearing, and repeating

when we cling to the phenomenal
world otherwise, we are led into
ignorance, misunderstanding, chaos,
the cycle of birth, death, rebirth,
repeatedly and never ending

one must come to see and understand
the gross, subtle, and causal planes
for their reality in order
to see rightly and arrive at
true freedom and liberation from false beliefs

our freedom is not independence
but interdependence
and our salvation is not faraway heaven
but moksha right here, right now
one with the Universal Divine Consciousnes

practice, little truth seeker, practice
light the fire of the vital life force
shine the light of discerning consciousness
and know the truth of inner most being
beyond the phenomenal world of impermanence

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
February 2, 2021

video ‘Shifting Sands at the Seashore’
by Herb Stone

(reader’s note: moksha is the idea in
Hinduism, Jainism , and Buddhism that
as beings we must come to the most high
supreme understanding that salvation
and liberation are release from bondage
of the phenomenal world and its’ finite
existence here and now)

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