Poem: Pentecost: Christ Third Coming


Creator God comes to us in great diversity
from the beginning as the Christ Mystery
a sharing of Love of the God-Self in everything and everyone
infused with Divine purpose and spiritual energy in all Creation

Yet in our failure to grasp the Christ consciousness
and life together in diverse communities of
life, love, and faith, comes the reconsecration
of the baptismal Flood and the humbling at Babel

Yet Creator God comes again in our very presence
Jesus, a new thing, both divine and human
come as a tactile lesson of being and living as God in us,
radical grace and love, as alternative to human’s dominant raw power

Yet in this world of the Roman Empire and captive Israel
the Empire’s power, control, and violence confounds 
our very eyes and ears to the Christ consciousness enfleshed
and the death machine, we, murder him on the cross

Yet our failure and the suffering of that time cannot deny what is to come
Creator God reigns down tongues of fire, the Holy Spirit, equally
upon us all Beloved children, its’ Christ consciousness uniting and lifting us
in our great diversity of unique belonging and sharing in Beloved community

And here and now still in the great flow of the Christ mystery
Creator God imbues us with Christ consciousness
incarnate beings both human and divine in eternal life
in a Cosmos of Light, Love, and Liberation which we must awaken

One thing in its’ great loving expressions of diversity
across all time and space of the great Cosmic flow
and yet specifically concrete in our daily social reality
here, now, and forever sharing Christ consciousness together in kin-dom

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
June 2019 Pentecost Sunday


Tongues of fire art by Gertrud Nelson

Blue bird art by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

Pentecost flame photo by Herb Stone

Art by Gertrud Nelson
Art by Keren Dibbins-Wyatt
Photo by Herb Stone

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