Poem: An Old Man in Liminal Space  Praying for Togetherness

Poem: An Old Man in Liminal Space
Praying for Togetherness

Our indeterminant first half of life
is a necessary first step
but certainly no end in itself
(experiencing the ego to see how inadequate it is)

Now a wandering pilgrim
in the pathless land,
I wander through what time I have left

With no thought to success
and even less to loss;
a rhythmic cyclic flow

In the Great Cosmic Universe,
within our Earth home of authentic
Self, relationships, and communities

Closer to the end than the beginning,
my time is precious here on Earth school,
blissful with all to learn and what yet comes 

Present and absent, giving and receiving,
coming and going, contemplative and chaotic,
saint and sinner, living and dying

So goes the days of this old man in this liminal space
now  out of sorts with the selfish mundane world
grateful for the Great Cosmic Circle of Beloveds 

God, Cosmos, Beloveds united together
be with me now on this side of Life
walking one another Home

Herb Stone
here&now working poetry
September 2019

‘Earth School’ image by NASA

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