Reflection: hand crafting

reflection: hand crafting

The craftsperson works impeccably with their materials through self expression and a perfecting of artisanship which only their hands can create. Such effort requires a connection between head and heart, focus, patience, intention, accuracy, and precision. In other words, the art and the craft working together through you.

Some years ago now, my son, Christian, opened an Etsy shop online to sell his handcrafted writing instruments. He named the shop Sarabby Creations for his daughters Abby and Sara who were 6 and 8 years old at the time. In addition to the writing instruments, Cathey made macrame jewelry, and I made bird houses sold in his shop.

Christian and I had a complete wood woodworking shop in our basement with a wood lathe, band saw, drill press, sanding and polishing tools, assorted hand tools, and a large work bench we made. Cathey worked upstairs with her trays of beads and clasps, spools of waxed hemp, pliers and other tools.

After some years, our son closed his shop. As they say, life happens: other hopes, dreams, demands, needs, priorities, choices, paths arise, we move on. It is now a good memory of a lovely time we worked together in our cottage industry.

One reason this returns to my mind now is that my dear friend

Liezel Graham, who lives in Scotland, has re-opened her Etsy shop NoahandNoo selling the most beautiful and finely crafted knit items I have ever seen. She is now working on a pair of wrist gloves for Cathey to warm her hands this cold winter. I encourage you to visit her shop and reward yourself with one of her fine creations.

Here is the link to her shop:

And by the way, Liezel is a fine poet who has written two books of poetry, ‘Stripped” and ‘A Counting of Love,’ which are both available on Amazon.

I share some images of the crafts we made and sold in our son’s Etsy shop.